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Rule #1

Don't sweat the small stuff

Rule #2

It's all small stuff!

Event if you're on the right track,

You'll get run over if you just site there.

— Will Rogers

The Baseball Hero

There once was a very young boy who dreamed of being a great baseball player. Like any good athlete, he knew he's have to practice, so he picked up his ball and bat, put on his baseball cap and went into his backyard.

Standing confidently, he threw the ball into the air, and as it came down he swung his bat with all his might. Woosh....He missed. "Strike one." He called out.

Undaunted, he picked up the ball again, threw it into the air, and with determination in his eyes, he swung again. Woosh....He missed again. "Strike two" he murmured.

Knowing that success doesn't always come easily, and with the confidence of youth on his side, he picked up the ball again. He paused this time, made sure his feet were planted firmly, adjusted his cap, and threw the ball into the air again. As it fell from the sky he thought of all his baseball heroes, he thought of all the underdogs that succeeded against the odds, he thought about all the ninth inning comebacks, and he swung one last time at the ball.

Woosh....Plop....The ball fell to the ground. He had missed again. He picked up the ball. With disappointment in his face, and maybe even a hint of a tear in his eye, he started walking back to his house. But then his frown changed into a smile, and his walk turned into a proud strut, and as he got back to his door, he turned to the yard, and proudly shouted "Strike three, you're out!, and I'm gonna be the greatest pitcher there ever was!"